Center for Teaching and Learning

Davis FLC

Faculty Learning Community Grants use funding through the Davis Grant for Integrative Learning to promote small group collaboration and learning. It awards stipends of $1000 to each participant in a team of 3-5 faculty, called a “learning community”*.

An FLC is a group of 3-5 faculty from different disciplines engaging in an active collaborative program of inquiry around enhancing teaching and learning with emphasis on community building, development of high impact practices, integrative learning, and/or scholarship. For example, FLCs may focus on incorporating undergraduate research, problem-based learning, global perspectives, or some other high impact practices (HIPs) into courses or academic programs. FLCs may also focus on some other form of integrative learning.

FLC Brochure (PDF)
Click here to submit a FLC Proposal
Click here for the rubric by which an FLC Proposal will be evaluated (PDF)


  • Increase opportunities for integrative learning for WSU faculty
  • Increase opportunities for integrative learning for WSU students
  • Increase number of HIPs available for students to experience
  • Increase opportunites for faculty to engage in scholarship related to teaching and learning (SoTL)

*Learning communities funded by the FLC grants are comprised of small teams of faculty & are not connected to specific courses. This is quite separate from the learning communities created in linked/integrated courses, which are funded by the collaborative teaching (CTG) program.


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