Center for Teaching and Learning

Alden Microgrants

Through a generous endowment from the Alden Fund, the Center for Teaching and Learning at Worcester State has $4000 for faculty & librarian initiatives for creative innovation in faculty development in the 2011-2012 academic year. The CTL invites proposals that bring people from across the faculty/librarian community together for training, discussion, learning, professional development, creative enterprise, or scholarship, just to name a few ideas. If you can dream it, we can provide small “seed money” for it, and you can make it happen.

The mission of the Alden Microgrant Program is to identify and nourish creative innovations for faculty development. It is intended to generate enthusiasm around faculty development topics, incubate new ideas, and provide peer collaboration across disciplines. The emphasis of these grants is innovation and should not be used for maintenance of ongoing programs. Proposals may request up to $500. The grants will be awarded based on intellectual merit and breadth of impact.


Microgrant Brochure (PDF)
Project Leader Kit (coming soon)
Click here to submit a Microgrant Proposal
Click here for the rubric by which Microgrant Proposals will be evaluated (PDF)


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