Center for Teaching and Learning

UR Grants

Strategic Planning Trust Fund grants for summer undergraduate research, providing stipends for 1 faculty member and up to 2 undergraduate students for summer research in any discipline.

UR Grants are intended to support faculty-student teams engaging in research. While the methods might be different, research is common to all disciplines. Students, as well as faculty, benefit from engaging in research in their field of study. Through the Undergraduate Research Grant Program each student and faculty team will be awarded summer stipends for work during the summer ($3000 per student and $3000 per faculty, for a total of $6000 for one faculty and one student, or $9000 for one faculty and two students). The research activities could be part of an ongoing study or a new study.

Undergraduate research is a High Impact Practice as defined by the AAC&U: “The goal [of undergraduate research] is to involve students with actively contested questions, empirical observation, cutting-edge technologies, and the sense of excitement that comes from working to answer important questions.”

UR Grants Brochure (PDF)
Download an Application (coming soon)
Click here for the rubric by which UR Grant Proposals will be evaluated (PDF)

Student outcomes

  • Ability to apply the research methodology in a specific discipline
  • Enhanced written and oral communication skills specific to the discipline
  • Increased employment opportunities

Faculty outcomes

  • Advancement of faculty scholarship
  • Increased number of presentations/papers
  • Enhanced teaching experience

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